Sunday, 30 September 2012

Abbey Road: The best studio in the world.

This is a lovely coffee table book with high quality pages containing a fascinating archive of photographs, which give an insight into the workings of Abbey Road Studios. They are, of course, best known as being home to The Beatles, but to this day, it is still a working building, still producing some amazing music and hosting some fantastic events. The book has quotes from Abbey Road staff, including a brilliant one from the producer John Leckie, on page 233 where, to sum it up, he describes Studio 2 as being "designed to be an amplifier." Anyone who has either had the priviledge of being in that room, or really listened properly to music produced in there will understand and agree with this statement. I would warn ardent Beatles fans that this isn't Beatles-centric, and somewhat bizzarely, there is nothing at all from or about Geoff Emerick, but it will broaden your understanding of what else happens at Abbey Road, and which other artists have passed through its doors. All in all, a fantastic book for your average music enthusiast. *HERE is a link to my video review of the book, so you can have a tiny sneak peek inside its pages*