Sunday, 6 February 2011

Funny, but your sides stay intact.

What with all the bad news we're being bombarded with on a daily basis, largely now due to the coalition government, I thought we all could do with a bit of a laugh.  I recently wrote this review for the latest DVD offering from Billy Connolly:

As a long-standing fan who has been reduced to tears of laughter to the point of near death by the man, I was a bit disappointed by this latest release. I didn't read any reviews for it, and simply bought it as a fan with high expectations. I admit, there were times when I laughed...a lot...but I wouldn't call this material his best. The highlight for me is the bit about dwarves.

As an aside, the DVD itself has no special features, so this also felt like a bit of let-down, even more so since reading from another reviewer who was actually there when it was being filmed and said that there was a whole bit cut out.