Friday, 25 February 2011

I'll be vocal about this recorder

I chose this particular model for a combination of reasons and intended purposes; the Edirol model I had in mind was no longer available, but Roland is the same company. I wanted a device I could use to record lectures at university, interviews at work and also possible song demos, and also one which could record in wave format as well as the standard MP3; this recorder ticked all the boxes.

With no prior experience and a bit of an air of technophobia about me as a novice, I still managed to get the R-05 up and running, including unpacking it from the box, in under 5 really is that easy. My preferred format, as previously stated, is Wave, but I've experimented with both this and the MP3 option and both are able to offer a very high standard of recording, especially impressive for the low price of this; I'd also been considering a pricey but actually think I've got just as much out of this one as I would have from paying three times this price for the Tascam.

I'd thoroughly recommend this, especially as the microphone quality is so good, I don't need anything else; trying the

I wasn't pleased with the sound at all and would have had to shell out for a microphone and of course have yet another item to lug around with me.

I use
software to edit my recordings; uploading them from the R-05 is simple. I also use to organise my archive of recordings but this isn't as necessary; it can also though be used as a cheaper DAW for editing your recordings if Wavelab is beyond your technical remit (although
is a competitively priced, pared down version of the full suite and contains just the essentials for the more casual user).