Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Good starting point and introduction.

I've recommended some expensive music/audio production software in my post about a recent purchase of a voice recorder. I realise how tight money is right now (in fact, "Money's too tight to mention!") so with this in mind, I thought I'd share my thoughts on a cheaper alternative, coming in at under £20 at the moment.

I got this software as a newcomer to music production, just to experiment with before taking the plunge and buying the more expensive DAWs such as Cubase and Protools and all the related VST plugins. It wasn't half bad and certainly did what it said on the tin. I would recommend it for any novices to follow the route I did; familiarise yourself with this sort of software by using this package first and then move onto the more professional options when you're ready. Although I would concur that you cannot get a professional quality piece of work out of this, you can still get a decent demo and it's a good way to get ideas down. Of course, it's great for kids who are wanting to pursue this career path as it's afforable and it's simple but you can still make some great sounds.