Wednesday, 2 March 2011

ITC the appeal of this compilation; The "Barry" best!! Cult fiction.

Having recently spent a lot of time watching the reruns of various ITC shows on television at the moment, I came to realise how much I was enjoying the incidental music and the opening/closing scores too, and with that in mind was thrilled to discover that this compilation was available. It doesn't disappoint, and brings back some great nostalgic memories with every listen. Essential for fans of 60s and 70s TV and for lovers of library music. I enjoy using this music as background music to everyday life and to create an atmosphere.

Although music is my life and I love films, I guess I am not as picky as other people as I was surprised by the slightly negative reviews for this impressively comprehensive compliation. For me, the music is a very important part of the movie-watching experience, and in my experience, John Barry has never dissapointed.

All the classic, well known pieces are included, alongside lesser known works and it's great background music to just create a perfect atmosphere wherever you are. I love reading to it.

As someone who has and loves both The Music of ITC (OST) and Themependium and generally has an appreciation of and fascination with library music and views the theme and incidental music from films an essential part of the viewing experience, this CD was another essential buy.

It gives you all the cult classic tv themes you would expect, and more to boot; I think it's great value for the double CD set you get for your money.