Thursday, 3 March 2011

Everything epilation.

Having tried
and then moved on to the
, I can safely say that this newest model beats its predecessors, and by more than a "hair"'s breadth!!

Although I could use the 7861 in the shower, it wasn't really meant to be submerged underwater, besides which, it still missed some hairs when I used it. This would mean I'd have to go back over the area with the epilator, and as a result would sometimes get sore red bumps, defeating the object of epilation as I'd need to hide my legs until they calmed down. The inbuilt razor blades seamlessly remove any excess hairs and as such, a much more satisfying result comes after just one run of the epilator over the relevant area.

Areas such as underarms and the bikini line are much less sensitive than they were with either of the last two Braun epilators I tried, and the smaller head for these areas means not too much hair is removed if not wanted, and it also reduces soreness. The backlight helps you see exactly what you're doing, and the fact you can dunk it in the bath means you can remove the hairs from the mechanism and keep it performing at its optimum level at all times.

About a week since I first used this epilator, I have no stubble and no rash, and definitely would buy this again. Braun are long lasting, as neither of my first two epilators are actually broken. Although I should mention that unless you have a 2-pin plug in your home, you will need to buy an adaptor to use a normal UK plug for charging the unit. These can be found for a matter of pence either on this site or in hardware shops.