Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Just what the doctor ordered.

It strikes me how often people take for granted everyday items they wear such as their glasses or their watches, and so I was recently inspired to create a review for my watch.

I saw this watch in the mens' watches cabinet of a certain store, but by the time (no pun intended) I'd realised it was for men, it was too late (sorry!) as I was already determined to make it mine.

It comes in a silver cardboard box, which contains a silver (leather?) pouch and the watch is inside, wrapped around a velvet).

I worried about how it would look and fit on the wrist of a petite female, but after getting a couple of extra holes punched into the buttery-soft but reassuringly sturdy leather strap, it was snug and secure and taking pride of place on my wrist. I've added a photo to the gallery here so you can see what it looks like on a smaller (and/or female) wrist.

I couldn't be without this watch now. I've had it for a year and the battery is still going strong. It's perfect as I am allowed to wear it for work and yet it also goes with everything else I wear it with because of the multitude of colours on its face. It's a slightly unusual shape and definitely a unique design; I've had a LOT of compliments on it and never seen anyone else wearing one.

It's also a nod (at least I interpreted it as being one) towards the BBC Test Cards you'd sometimes see on screen where there's a little girl and a toy clown and a blackboard with noughts and crosses on it.