Sunday, 22 April 2012

Get steamy.

I absolutely loathed my mop and bucket. The mop was little more than a muck-spreader, and I hated emptying filthy water out of the bucket into my clean toilet. This floor cleaner is the answer to my prayers. I've binned my mop (for good!) Once it's turned on, it takes a matter of seconds for it to heat up and become ready for use. Maybe it's because it's new and maybe it'll therefore get easier with time, but at the moment, I'm finding it really hard to take the water and detergent tanks off myself and have to get someone else to do it. Otherwise, it's just fantastic. The clean smell lasts for longer than the watered down bleach I used to use with my mop and bucket, and it takes a fraction of the time for the floor to dry. You can buy a different kind of pad for it, which works well getting into gaps, for example on tiled floors. As it comes with 2 standard pads and 2 bottles of detergent, you are set up for a good wee while. The only other disadvantages I can see are the price of replacement detergent and pads, and the fact that this won't get into every nook and cranny. That said, I wouldn't be without my Vax Bare Floor Pro and recommend it unreservedly.