Friday, 8 June 2012

Away, Away with this abomination...My Eyes Are Fully Open!!

I must confess, I read a few others users' reviews before ordering and reviewing this album myself. So, I bore in mind that the orchestra was electronic, although I have to say that having listened, aware of this fact, I noticed that the instruments did not sound "warm" and so it then became very clear to me that they were indeed not actual instruments being used. I also agree with others who say that it is hard to distinguish some of the lyrics being sung at times, and as Gilbert And Sullivan songs are ones people like to sing along to, I don't think these current incantations do the originals any justice. The quality is shockingly below par for Sony-BMG, and I was saddened and disappointed to see that this was the label which released this album. I would not even be impressed with this standard of delivery on a west-end stage, let alone on a CD. I am sure there are better Gilbert And Sullivan compilations out there; this one does not do them justice.