Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Ideal food...I mean Home, Show (Part 1)

Tuesday was a well deserved day off from the dreaded day job, so I took myself down to the SECC to check out the last day of the Ideal Home Show. I must admit, with the exception of the Bang & Olufson stand, I wasn't that enthralled...maybe it's because I'm sadly only renting at the moment...but then I smelt burgers and headed towards the smell. There I came across a room full of both food/drink and fashion/beauty stands, and felt much more, erm, at home (pardon the pun). I watched one of the fashion shows and was largely uninthralled, with the notable exception of one lovely Pied A Terre dress, which I, erm, spotted.... if budget allows, I need this dress in my life. The first food and drink stand which caught my attention was The Loch Lomond Brewery where I was proffered a sample as I passed. With a disdain for ales, finding them heavy, bitter and, well, a bit Northern Male, I declined this offer, only to be told I could be proven wrong. Loving a challenge, I sampled The West Highland Way which is lovely, light, fruity and a little honeyed. OK, point proven. Speaking to Fiona, the director and brewster was really interesting; it's surprising to have a female owning such a business, but I think it's going to do well. Artisan products are always worth paying that bit extra for. I suggested the range would do well at Peckham's, and it's actually being brought out there soon, which is great news. Currently, it can be bought at Co-Op stores in Scotland. Another notable stand was the Truly Scrumptious Designer Cakes where I got to decorate my own inner 6-year-old couldn't wait to play with all the glitter and sweeties...I was very proud of my handiwork, and loved eating it, even though I walked around with glittery teeth for the rest of the day.