Monday, 4 June 2012

Internet security solution.

After trialling other security suites, and having tried another Kaspersky product, I tried this software on 3 different Windows computers on my home network. I am a heavy internet user, and use forums and blog sites a lot, and have recently had a few problems as a result of this. Having been using the Kaspersky suite for a month now, I am happy to report an improvement because there is a component in the software which allows you to check a website against Kaspersky's database to verify whether or not it's safe. There are other options available such as Sandboxing Technology, which I am yet to trial, but it's a way for you to try out websites in a safe environment, ie without any risk of internet security breach. I look forward to trying out these various alternative options and I trust that they will be equally as positive in their outcome as those I have tried already. For me, it's Kaspersky all the way in terms of future IS solutions. Comment Comment | Permalink