Wednesday, 27 June 2012

There are NO drawbacks with Corel DRAW X6.

Having used both X4 and then the vastly improved I was keen to see how it was possible to improve on such a great piece of software. One thing is that if you're using it on a 64-bit system (as I do on my main PC), it's much faster than its predecessor (not so much so if you're using it in 32-bit as I do on my laptop). Its increased speed is, in part, I think, due to its recent optimisation for multi-core processors. This allows you to work with more than one part of the suite running concurrently without any slowness, ie if you're running the Website Creator, Corel Draw and Photo-Paint elements together, it shouldn't make any difference (or at least, that's how I found it when I was working with it on some web design). I would recommend that you use the Corel Connect feature to optimise your activity with multiple tasks. There are some great new features, such as in the aforementioned Photo-Paint programme, you can now use the Smart Carver to edit photos to remove unwanted bits and adjust the aspect ratio. Overall, a worthy competitor to the Adobe software (although I admit, I use both as they both have capabilities I consider to be essential (I think I'm becoming spoilt by the high expectations I've gained from using these programs!)