Monday, 29 October 2012

Better The Devil You Know.

It is a brave move to try and rework such popular classics...ones which shaped and defined a pop career which has now spanned a quarter of a century. Nonetheless, transforming songs to which we all danced twenty years ago into moving ballads...familiar songs in new keys, styles and genres has been a labour of love which has definitely paid off. Every song has been faithfully reworked, with some beautiful orchestral scores added, and even different recording techniques, including using microphones more appropriate to these genres of vocal than to pop songs. Then again, you would expect nothing less from Abbey Road Studios. This album proves Kylie is an ever evolving, talented performing artist who is just as credible and valid as ever, and shows she is definitely not just a one trick pony. It may not be a total departure from pop music that she is seeking, but no doubt, this album is definitely able to help secure a seamless transition to a more mature sound and style. There is also a totally new track included; Flower, which shows the likes of Adele how it's really done!