Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

With pale, sensitive skin, I was nervous about trying this out, but according to the manuals, it is fine for pale skin. There is a spectrum shown in the booklet which shows exactly which skin tones can and cannot use this IPL system safely. It is unsafe on blonde hair and on very dark skin. Before using the device on an area of the body, it is strongly advisable to do a small patch test 48 hours before conducting your first full treatment. A patch test is basically a small area on your body, where you try the IPL out twice, side by side. Fortunately, I had no adverse reaction and so was able to continue using the device. There is a small cordless instrument which you need to use each time you treat a different part of your body. It detects your skin tone and this automatically adjusts the settings of the IPL ready for use. You then apply a thick layer of the gel to the area which is to be treated. Because it's a fiddly process and the gel dries out, I would recommend you apply it in small patches as you go along. You must ensure that the IPL is applied flat against the skin or it simply will not operate. A white light signifies that it is ready to use. You press the button ONCE and there will be a red flash. Do not look into the light - you can see it side on (protect your eyes!) There will be indentations in the gel on your skin where you have already treated, which helps you keep note of where you have and have not treated. You must not treat the same area more than once in one session or you risk burns. Another reviewer suggests using a white eyeliner pencil (or I'd say any colour) to mark the areas you have treated. I would say this is a good idea - I tried it and found it really reassuring knowing I wasn't at risk of overdoing it! Treatments should be carried out every 2 weeks for the first couple of months, and then to maintain the hair reduction, it reduces to once a month. I find it a time consuming process requiring concentration and focus and to be honest, it is fiddly, but the results are definitely worth it because even though I've only been using it for 5 weeks so far, I can already see an undeniable reduction in hair regrowth. Financially, it is a big outlay, and the replacement activation gel [[ASIN:B008LQZQWM Gillette Venus V Activation Gel]] is another ongoing commitment, but compared with the cost of getting similar treatments carried out professionally at a salon, and with the knowledge that it will dramatically and almost entirely reduce hair regrowth, I would definitely say it is a worthwhile investment.