Monday, 22 October 2012

Face facts.

I have now been using this device for coming up to the recommended three months period in which change becomes noticeable. I was using the Slendertone Face for the radiance it promised, as opposed to the tightening/firming programmes available, because I felt my skin was a bit dull looking. In the time I have been using it, I have noticed that my cheekbones are definitely slightly more defined (but not razor sharp like a supermodel, not that I was expecting that!) and my skin feels plumper; I assume that this is because there is more circulation to my face as my skin is smoother and brighter looking. I have been told I am looking well in recent weeks and have even been asked for ID more, so I am putting it down to my dedicated use of this machine. The reason for me knocking a star off its rating is that I have sensitive teeth and I found that wherever I positioned this on my face, anything more than a moderate setting made my teeth and jaw hurt, so I couldn't really use it as effectively as perhaps I might have been able to had I not had sensitive teeth. Although the initial outlay is expensive, as is the replacement of the pads every quarter, I would still argue that compared with regular facials and/or injectable treatments, this kit offers good value for money and I would recommend it.