Saturday, 19 May 2012

Bright idea.

This rather minimalistic, space-age looking device is an alarm clock, FM radio and bedside lamp all rolled into one. It has been very well thought out. There are scroll buttons on the side for setting the timings and the intensities of both sound and light, and of course for choosing an FM radio station to listen to. The alarm sounds are varied and there is something for everyone, from your favourite radio station, through to a stimulating start courtesy of an African drum, wind chimes, beeps, and birdsong. At your pre-set time in the morning...or evening if you're that way inclined, your chosen sound begins to emit softly, growing louder gradually until you press snooze or deactivate the alarm. The light also comes on, having gradually also been building up a manner similar to sunlight. As a sufferer of seasonal affective disorder, winter is a time where due to lack of sunlight early in the morning, I'm often sluggish and lethargic and struggle to get out of bed; I really think that this will make a big difference to me when that dreaded time of year creeps in. You can use this device as a radio, playing constantly, and also as a bedside lamp; it goes up to a light intensity of 20, although I was happy with the level of light given at the 12 level. You can even choose three different brightness settings for the small LED time display on the front of the unit. Overall, a very useful and now essential piece of kit, although it is rather too plain looking for my liking. In fact, if I was to suggest any recommendation, other than wishing AM radio was available also, I'd love to be able to choose the colour, although then again, this would probably defeat the object of the light emissions, given that they're meant to resemble natural daylight.