Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The prince of printers.

I chose this printer largely thanks to helpful reviews already posted on Amazon. It was a good £50 more expensive than the nearest model to it in terms of its functions but I am definitely glad I spent that extra money as it's proving to be well worth it. I was instantly surprised at just how heavy this machine is, but then again, it does have a lot of functions and as such components. I found it a little tricky figuring out just how to get A4 paper into it, but other than that, the installation and set-up process was painless and took no extra cables. However, although it was picked up on the home network immediately after being connected to our Wifi source and via the Network Magic software installed on the computers, I ended up having to install the drivers from the disc onto every single computer in the network to be able to use it with that computer, something I didn't have to do with the other main household printer, the I have printed a few test items and have been totally blown away by the quality, most notably of the photos and of the images I chose to print onto blank CD discs to make them a bit more personal. This is by far the best printer I have ever used and I would definitely recommend it over the cheaper but similar ones out there.