Friday, 25 May 2012

Great sound is on the cards with this piece of kit.

I appreciate that a lot of musicians use Macs, and indeed, the Motu 828 and its predecessors are more often that not used with a Mac, but I am going to base my review on my experiences of using it with a PC. I installed the drivers without any problems at all (you register your purchase online with MOTU which gives you access to the relevant downloads). I've done this with Windows XP, Windows Vista and am soon to try it with Windows 7. I did need to buy a different firewire cable. You may or may not need to buy one too; it depends on how many pins are on your laptop connector; mine only has 4 whereas you require 6 to operate this device. I have used this interface with Cubase, Nuendo, Pro Tools, Ad Lib and Wavelab as well as just enhancing the audio quality of using Windows Media Player, watching DVDs on my computer, and using websites such as Youtube and iPlayer. I have no problems to report, other than that it makes everything sound so good, I had trouble turning it off to go to work/bed!! Not only would I say this is a great piece of kit for home recording but I now regard it as essential to the general music-listening experience as nothing sounds as good to me any more. It's truly spoilt me.