Thursday, 10 May 2012

The secret of good writing.

This book has come out at a great time, when the recent success of the film and the presence of Barack Obama as the first African-American president, which has been well written about in show the steady progress made against oppression since slavery. With this in mind, my first thought when reading the synopsis of this book was "Who in their right mind would voluntarily go back into slavery?" However, having devoured this book in a couple of hours due to the sheer power of its writing which totally captured my attention and my imagination, I really understood the characters. They were put across so well that they envoked the emotions they were intended to, ie I liked them when I was supposed to, and disliked them when I was meant to. I was impressed by, and appreciative of, the care and attention to detail, as it was clear that the author has done her research and this hard work has paid off as all the historical context helps shape the story and of course educates the reader. I learnt something from this novel and even though it IS a novel, I found it added a valuable layer to my knowledge of this period of American history.