Sunday, 13 May 2012

Championing Chanel.

Chanel has long been my favourite brand for both perfume and cosmetics, so when I received an email offering me a free sample of one of their new lipgloss shades, I was straight in there! The lipgloss in question is the Levres Scintillantes Glossimer, which I have been wearing for years (shades 104 and 106 mainly). They have 4 new shades, with matching nail polishes, at the moment, and I sampled shade 166 - Amour. The sample itself is the cutest miniature I have ever received; a tiny 3g scaled down version of the full size product I have known and loved for so long. The shade itself is a peachy corally pink (not very technical here) and it's lovely. On my pale skin and set against my blonde hair, it's really flattering, adding a glow to my cheeks as well, maybe as a result of the glitter it contains sparkling and reflecting on my skin....but regardless of how or why, it just looks lovely. It's perfect for summer and I think it would look even more fantastic with a tan. Be warned though, it does highlight any need for tooth whitening, so I've attacked my gnashers with Pearl Drops in preparation for the next time I wear this gorgeous gloss.