Saturday, 12 May 2012

A taste of summer.

Having been put right into the mood for summer and of course reminded (as if I needed to be) of the possibilities of new gastronimical delights from M&S by this advert I was eager to pop instore to have a look (and a taste) for myself. As for the advert, I am usually loathe to listen to any covers of Beatles songs as, well, they're just not The Beatles! However, I couldn't not love both the recording of Gary Barlow's cover of Here Comes The Sun (even if there is a minor lyrical error in there!) and the advert itself...cheesy as it sounds, it actually brought a tear to my eye! A perennial favourite of mine are Muscat (sometimes also known as Muscat Rosada) grapes, which are an import from one of the most prominent wine-producing regions of the world, Chile. They're in season at the moment and I'm making the most of this fact, buying and eating them as much as I can!
I was also offered a free sample instore today, of a new bakery product, which is touted as being a "Delicious rich chocolate brownie marbled with an all butter vanilla almond cake". And by jove, it IS delicious. The flavours are incredible, and none of the three aforementioned flavours overpower one another. I bought one of these long cake bars and might have accidentally eaten it all already (in the name of research, you understand?!)
It's not all gluttony though, as I also found a most beautiful looking salad, the description of which was equally as appetising. This is a new range; the Foragers choice aromatic salad - "mixed salad leaves with a lime and rice vinegar drizzle, coriander and edible flowers". Absolutely beautiful. I admit, I couldn't taste the lime, but the rice vinegar was lovely...not as aggressive, overpowering or acidic as other vinegars can be (including those used in other salads I've recently tried). The flowers have a herby flavour, and I hope this doesn't put the reader off but to me it was a bit like the smell of Germolene but I promise it's nice. The rest of the salad tastes really wheatgrass. The leaves are crisp and large and bountiful and just look and taste incredible. The best salad I can remember eating.
All this food, and nothing to drink....well the best rosé wine I have ever tasted will sort that out. I'm talking about the Gold Label Rosé 2010, produced in the south of France. It's the most perfect balance of flavours; it's full bodied yet light, and has elements of sweetness yet doesn't leave me thirsty like a Zifandel. A gorgeous dryness keeps the wine well balanced and the deep pink colour shows it's a serious drink. Best served nice and cold. The official description cites it as being "A fruity modern rosé with a deep cerise colour and an enticing aroma. Look out for vibrant flavours of strawberry and pear, with a hint of tangy cranberry and a crisp finish." I could definitely taste the strawberry and another bottle currently awaits me in the fridge, so I'll carry on with my important work...finding the rest of the flavours. Cheers!